A man in a formal suit is at stepping onto the lowest rung of a tall red ladder that rises in a desolate plain under a blue sky.
Data & Policies
SK discovery’s sustainability performance represents a milestone toward a better future. Every bottom line is geared toward sustainability.
A closeup of straight white arrows indicating direction painted on each lane of a 6-lane highway.
ESG Disclosure
We transparently disclose sustainability information.
A person turning a handheld compass held in the palm of a hand.
Policy and Statement
We are enhancing our business capabilities with commitments to work better, emphasized by declarations of action.
An audience of people in office attire clapping their hands in a lecture hall.
Stakeholders Engagement
We are advancing sustainability based on communications with stakeholders.
Several people making a pledge together by clasping their hands, one over the other.
Awards and Initiatives
We are strengthening the will to action through companywide voluntary participation in sustainability initiatives.