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Data & Policies


Oil Gas Refining Marketing

Accounting Metric

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • EM-RM-110a.1

    Gross global Scope 1 emissions, percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations - Metric tons (t) CO₂-e,
  • EM-RM-110a.2

    Discussion of long-term and short-term strategy or plan to manage Scope 1 emissions, emissions reduction targets, and an analysis of performance against those targets

Air Quality

  • EM-RM-120a.1

    Air emissions for the following pollutants: (1) NOx (excluding N2O), (2) SOx, (3) particulate matter (PM10), (4) H2S, and (5) volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • EM-RM-120a.2

    Number of refineries in or near areas of dense population

Water Management

  • EM-RM-140a.1

    (1) Total fresh water withdrawn, (2) percentage recycled, (3) percentage in regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress
  • EM-RM-140a.2

    Number of incidents of non-compliance associated with water quality permits, standards, and regulations

Hazardous Materials Management

  • EM-RM-150a.1

    Amount of hazardous waste from operationsgenerated, percentage recycled
  • EM-RM-150a.2

    (1) Number of underground storage tanks (USTs), (2) number of UST releases requiring cleanup, and (3) percentage in states with UST financial assurance funds

Workforce Health & Safety

  • EM-RM-320a.1

    (1) Total Recordable recordable Injury incident Rate rate (TRIR), (2) Fatality fatality Raterate, and (3) Near near Miss miss Frequency frequency Raterate (NMFR) for (a) full-time employees and (b) contract employees
  • EM-RM-320a.2

    Discussion of management systems used to integrate a culture of safety

Product Specifications & Clean Fuel Blends

  • EM-RM-410a.1

    Percentage of Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) met through: (1) Production production of renewable fuels, (2) Purchase purchase of “separated” renewable identification numbers (RIN)
  • EM-RM-410a.2

    Total addressable market and share of market for advanced biofuels and associated infrastructure

Pricing Integrity & Transparency

  • EM-RM-520a.1

    Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with price fixing or price manipulation

Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment

  • EM-RM-530a.1

    Discussion of corporate positions related to government regulations and/or policy proposals that address environmental and social factors affecting the industry

Critical Incident Risk Management

  • EM-RM-540a.1

    Process Safety Event (PSE) rates for Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC) of greater consequence (Tier 1) and of lesser consequence (Tier 2)
  • EM-RM-540a.2

    Challenges to Safety Systems indicator rate (Tier 3)
  • EM-RM-540a.3

    Discussion of measurement of Operating Discipline and Management System Performance through Tier 4 Indicators
Oil Gas Refining Marketing

Activity Metric

  • EM-RM-000.A

    Refining throughput of crude oil and other feedstocks - Barrels of oil equivalent (BOE)
  • EM-RM-000.B

    Refining operating capacity - Million barrels per calendar day (MBPD)