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Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions Reduction Management Policy

SK discovery and subsidiaries proactively respond to climate change to help long-term sustainability. We are working to reduce Scope 1 emissions generated by direct energy sources in our business sites and buildings. At the same time, in line with government policies, we are promoting effective carbon reduction while minimizing the impact of changes in energy policy at home and abroad.

In addition, we are striving to reduce carbon emissions in a variety of ways, including: constructing eco-friendly buildings, transitioning to green energy sources, incinerating waste, using biomass and utilizing waste heat from neighboring factories. In order to manage carbon emissions and systematically operate business, our managers in charge of this task at each site regularly monitor carbon emissions.

Key Carbon Reduction Activities

Transition of business portfolioSK chemicals
  • Converting to 100% recyclable product portfolio by 2030
  • Obtaining SK Carbon Reduction Certification Center’s carbon emissions reduction certificate
  • Entering domestic and global voluntary carbon markets after registering our carbon offsetting business
SK gas
  • Transitioning to hydrogen-centered business portfolio
  • Building a byproduct-hydrogen fuel cell power plant and a hydrogen complex
  • Launching ammonia and overseas clean hydrogen import and supply business
  • Developing and expanding clean energy power while scaling up its solutions and distribution business
Transition to green energy (Multi Utility)SK chemicals
  • Establishing the SK Multi Utility in Ulsan
  • Replacing aging facilities and converting to green energy
  • Achieving carbon-zero through energy transition to hydrogen by 2024
SK gas
  • Maximizing self-reduction through facility improvements, such as installing seawater heat exchangers
  • Leveraging carbon neutral technology
  • Accelerating eco-friendly energy generation (solar/wind/fuel cell/ESS)
Investment in low-carbon energy (RE100)SK chemicals
  • Building solar power facilities in Ulsan and Cheongju Plants with total 3,400 kW scale
  • Evaluating third-party PPA (power purchase agreement) and RECs (renewable energy certificate) beyond 2028
SK gas
  • Achieving RE100 by 2035
Direct reduction (conversion to hydrogen fuel)SK chemicals
  • Converting energy sources from LNG to hydrogen for Ulsan Plant’s production process
  • Investing in facility improvements to utilize off-gas that is produced during the CHDM reaction process
Investment in renewable energy businessSK gas
  • Investing in eco-friendly renewable energy power plants (acquiring 55% stake in Dangjin Eco Power)
Carbon offsetting by external activitySK chemicals
  • Offsetting by participating in the Stoves for Myanmar campaign
Employee engagement activitySK gas
  • Promoting carbon reduction activities in daily life (Hanggarae mobile app)

Carbon Emissions

CompanyCategoryUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021전년 대비 증감률
SK discoveryScope 1 emissions (Scope 1)tCO2eq--74-
Percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations (Scope 1)%Not applicable-
Indirect emissions (Scope 2)tCO2eq--49-
Carbon emissions (Scope 1+2)tCO2eq--123-
Scope 1+2 emission intensitytCO2eq/in KRW hundred millions--0.002-
SK chemicalsScope 1 emissions (Scope 1)tCO2eq406,103406,103406,212-85.6%
Percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations (Scope 1)%100100100-
Indirect emissions (Scope 2)tCO2eq118,677107,996298,552159.6%
Carbon emissions (Scope 1+2)tCO2eq525,462511,099701,764-37.0%
Scope 1+2 emission intensitytCO2eq/in KRW hundred millions47.21642.63833.584-21.2%
SK gasScope 1 emissions (Scope 1)tCO2eq26,33123,99223,4812.1%
Percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations (Scope 1)%-7166-
Indirect emissions (Scope 2)tCO2eq9,33310,10011,99718.8%
Carbon emissions (Scope 1+2)tCO2eq35,66434,09235,4784.1%
Scope 1+2 emission intensitytCO2eq/in KRW hundred millions0.7230.7730.546-28.6%
SK D&DScope 1 emissions (Scope 1)tCO2eq139169154-8.9%
Percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations (Scope 1)%Not applicable-
Indirect emissions (Scope 2)tCO2eq6295796186.7%
Carbon emissions (Scope 1+2)tCO2eq7687487723.2%
Scope 1+2 emission intensitytCO2eq/in KRW hundred millions0.0970.1070.1678.8%

SBTi 기반 Net Zero Roadmap

SK디스커버리는 기후변화 문제에 적극적으로 대응하고 지속 가능한 사회로의 전환을 앞당기기 위해 2035년 Net Zero 목표를 수립하였습니다. SK디스커버리는 지구의 기온 상승을 1.5℃로 제한하기 위한 파리협약의 목표를 지지하고 이에 협력하고자 과학기반 감축목표 이니셔티브인 SBTi(Science Based Target Initiative) 권고안에 따라 Net Zero Roadmap을 수립하였습니다.

SK디스커버리의 온실가스 배출량은 기준연도인 2021년 기준 49,653 tCO2e이며, 이 중 57%인 28,494 tCO2e가 Scope 1, 43%인 21,159 tCO2e가 Scope 2에서 발생하였습니다.

SK디스커버리는 SBTi 방법론에 따라 2030년을 Near-term Target으로 설정하였으며 연평균 14%의 온실가스 배출량을 감축해 나갈 계획입니다. 2030년 이후에도 온실가스 감축을 위한 노력을 지속하여 2035년 Net Zero 목표를 달성하고자 합니다.