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Green Supply Chain Management

We make sure that no link in our value chain has an adverse effect on the environment. Our supply chain management improves green competitiveness by drawing on seamless cooperation and trust with our partners.

Strengthening Green Supply Chain Capabilities

Beginning in 2021 and continuing into 2022, the European Commission has been edging closer to enacting significant corporate sustainability and due diligence regulations for global value chains. There’s no question that demand for full disclosure and assessment of domestic and international supply chains is intensifying. By helping our business partners strengthen ESG capabilities, our subsidiaries minimize negative environmental impacts and ESG challenges in the procurement process. We offer purchase agreements that assess environmental impacts, starting with procuring raw materials. We expect to gradually expand this process to include application scopes, management systems and more partner support.

Beginning in 2021, we have improved our product competitiveness by purchasing and procuring raw materials from suppliers that we evaluated as top-tier. We also increased our products’ eco-friendly competitiveness by promoting green purchasing and partnerships. In order to practice ESG activities with our partners, we established a mid- to long-term roadmap to strengthen supply chain ESG management, which is making our supply chain ESG more competitive. SK chemicals, for instance, has established and implemented a mid- to long-term roadmap for strengthening supply chain ESG management in order to practice ESG together with its partners.

Supply Chain ESG Empowerment Plan