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Environmental Story

Environmental issues today are emerging as global risks as we face extreme weather caused by climate change, the rapid decline in biodiversity and the depletion of natural resources. As a result, domestic and international investment institutions and civil society organizations are calling for corporations to strengthen their responses and environmental management capabilities.

Acknowledging the serious impact of environmental issues, SK discovery is preparing our resources to help solve problems. We prioritize environmental and safety management as core missions for our subsidiaries. All of us at SK discovery and our subsidiaries are developing and systematically implementing an environmental management strategy that will propel us as an eco-friendly leader.

We are also assisting subsidiary decision-making about sustainability and how to restore natural environments. In order to hone their competitiveness and execution, we are supporting subsidiaries in developing strategies and key tasks as we continue to monitor their performance.

Environmental Management Policy

SK discovery is dedicated to minimizing environmental risks and improving environmental management performance in each of our business sectors. By developing and internalizing environmental management systems and practices, we systematically oversee our subsidiaries’ activities and expand our eco-friendly business criteria.

SK discovery Environmental Management Policy
  • The Company shall actively respond to the climate crisis.
  • The Company shall officially support and actively apply up-to-date international environmental declarations, standards and guidelines.
  • The Company shall pursue continuous innovation throughout management activities to provide eco-friendly products and services.
  • The Company shall transparently disclose information related to environmental management to stakeholders in accordance with global standards.
  • The Company shall strive to minimize negative environmental impacts during the course of subsidiary management activities.
  • The Company shall continue to improve its subsidiaries’ environmental management strategy and implementation systems.
  • The Company shall strive to support subsidiaries’ efforts to foster an environmental management culture and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Management Strategies and Objectives

SK discovery and our subsidiaries regularly share updates about the status and performance of our environmental management strategies and objectives. We support our subsidiaries to validate their management, such as improving production processes and investing in new facilities, and we rely on progress to inform our insights. This support encourages subsidiaries to use less energy and water and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Management Objectives

Strengthening capabilities to combat climate changePursuing eco-friendly products and business developmentInternalizing environmental management activities
  • Building global capabilities to respond to the climate crisis
  • Establishing and practicing net zero goals
  • Strengthening abilities to develop eco-friendly products within business sectors
  • Expanding renewable energy businesses
  • Identifying tasks to improve environmental management
  • Monitoring and supporting environmental performance

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

SK discovery and subsidiaries manage comprehensive compliance with environmental laws and obligations. By regularly monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, we maintain zero incidents of environmental accidents and legal risks.

Environmental Law Violations and Penalty Fines*

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
SK discoveryKRW000
SK chemicalsKRW000
SK gasKRW000
SK bioscienceKRW000
  • * Based on the number of cases exceeding USD 1 million in fines.

Disclosure of Environmental Management Activities and Performance

As a holding company, SK discovery does not engage in business activities. We established an ESG management infrastructure to oversee major environmental management activities and the performance of our subsidiaries.

Since 2021, we have collected and disclosed environmental data. The scope of environmental performance disclosures covers data from SK chemicals, including SK bioscience, SK gas and SK D&D.