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Water/Energy Efficiency

SK discovery and subsidiaries strive to improve the efficient use of resources in production and procurement. This allows us to build a business model with a harmonious ecosystem and more stakeholders that creates both economic and social values.

Water Risk Assessment

SK chemicals actively responds to long-term water risks. These risks are twofold: “Physical water stress,” based on the intensive use of water for product development; and “water quality risk,” which can result from chemical emissions, such as catalysts. We rely on the World Resources Institute Aqueduct tool* to analyze and manage water risk exposures.

Water Stress of SK discovery and Subsidiaries

CompanyBusiness SiteLatitudeLongitudeWater stress 2021, presentWater stress 2030, optimistic scenario
SK discoveryNot applicable
SK chemicalsCheongju S House36.6127.5Medium-high (20-40%)Medium-high (20-40%)
Ulsan Plant35.5129.3Medium-high (20-40%)High (40-80%)
Andong L House36.6128.7Medium-high (20-40%)Medium-high (20-40%)
SK gasPyeongtaek Base37.0126.8Medium-high (20-40%)High (40-80%)
Ulsan Base35.4129.3Medium-high (20-40%)High (40-80%)
Ulsan G.Herb35.4129.3Medium-high (20-40%)High (40-80%)
SK D&DNot applicable

Water and Wastewater Management Policy

While ample water resources are essential for plant production and operation, using water resources also carries the risks of natural disasters, such as drought and floods. In response to such possible climate disasters, our subsidiaries are continuously identifying and applying measures to reuse and recycle water.

We continue to save water by reusing some water that was previously discarded after use.

Water Usage

CompanyCategoryUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
SK discoveryTotal usageton--471
Total usage by KRWton/in KRW hundred millions--0.007
Total water recyclington--72
Water recycling rate%--15.07
SK chemicalsTotal usageton10,812,00210,373,42811,268,365
Total usage by KRWton/in KRW hundred millions971.52865.39539.26
Total water recyclington3,157,3763,005,4092,924,245
Water recycling rate%29.2028.9725.95
SK gasTotal usageton38,11436,40733,478
Total usage by KRWton/in KRW hundred millions0.740.790.48
Total water recyclington1,6451,6382,381
Water recycling rate%4.324.507.11
SK D&DTotal usageton3,1873,6493,446
Total usage by KRWton/in KRW hundred millions0.400.520.76
Total water recyclington329296407
Water recycling rate%10.328.1111.81

Energy Management Policy

While interest in green energy is rising fast, the world remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels. To help reduce that energy use, SK discovery manages subsidiary usage and progress by streamlining their operations. Recognizing the importance of reducing greenhouse gases and improving operational efficiencies, we incorporate sustainability and environmental impact factors into the decision-making processes of our investment and business expansion.

Energy Consumption

CompanyUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
SK discoveryTJ--2
SK chemicalsTJ9,9549,37810,701
SK gasTJ616617654
SK D&DTJ192426

Total Energy Intensity

CompanyCategoryUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
SK discoveryNon-renewable energy consumption (A)TJ--2
Revenue (B)in KRW hundred millions--66,143
Energy intensity (A/B)TJ/ in KRW hundred millions--0.000
SK chemicalsNon-renewable energy consumption (A)TJ9,9549,37810,701
Revenue (B)in KRW hundred millions11,12911,98720,896
Energy intensity (A/B)TJ/ in KRW hundred millions0.8940.7820.512
SK gasNon-renewable energy consumption (A)TJ616617654
Revenue (B)in KRW hundred millions49,31044,12364,945
Energy intensity (A/B)TJ/ in KRW hundred millions0.1250.1400.101
SK D&DNon-renewable energy consumption (A)TJ192426
Revenue (B)in KRW hundred millions7,9096,9974,547
Energy intensity (A/B)TJ/ in KRW hundred millions0.0020.0030.006

Renewable Energy

SK discovery and subsidiaries rely on two tracks of renewable energy: (1) self-generated renewable energy using in-house facilities; and (2) purchase of electricity produced by third-party renewable energy sources. In order to keep expanding our use of renewable energy, we plan to increase the amount of self-generated energy while increasing investment in renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Consumption

CompanyCategoryUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
SK discoveryRenewable energy (solar power)MWh--0.4
SK chemicalsRenewable energy (solar power)MWh8998
SK gasRenewable energy (solar power)MWh293929
Green premiumMWh--2,500
SK D&DRenewable energy (solar and wind power)MWh121310449

Product Specifications and Clean Fuel Mix

SK discovery and subsidiaries are not subject to the renewable volume obligation (RVO). We are not entering markets for next-generation biofuels and related infrastructures nor conducting any related business or management activities.