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Our ESG Approach

CEO Message

SK discovery is producing a sustainable future for the planet and people

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We are changing to forge a sustainable future.

Dear shareholders, customers, business partners and other stakeholders,

Thank you for your ongoing support as we institute change at SK discovery. In keeping with the effort to continue changing and communicating, we want to explain our specific goals and the consistent direction of ESG management as reflected in this new ESG website.

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis continue to sow social fatigue and uncertainty in the business environment. Nonetheless, SK discovery has already laid the groundwork for a new leap forward. We overhauled governance to design a clear growth strategy and identity for our business portfolio while setting the foundation for a new robust management infrastructure. We also achieved our greatest financial performance ever. I want to thank our employees for recognizing the urgency of our current environmental and social issues and for their full-fledged responses in accomplishing such a company record.

We will think and act with a vision of the future that honors environmental and human rights

At SK discovery, we are creating a sustainable society as we focus on resolving environmental and social issues.

First, we will promote an environmentally friendly corporate culture and reduce our carbon footprint. That commitment is transforming our business portfolios and leading to new growth engines of green businesses. At the same time, we are objectively validating our efforts by acquiring environmental certifications and participating in voluntary eco-initiatives. Of course, we are also disclosing information in accordance with global guidelines and frequently communicating with our stakeholders.

Second, protecting the health and safety of people is the top priority of our social responsibilities. We are expanding the borders of human rights management in order to embrace a wider range of stakeholders and minimize any negative impact on human rights. Our plan is to upgrade Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) systems, introduce a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in every product and continue to invest in pharmaceuticals and vaccine businesses. In addition, we will deepen our commitment to the humanities while building cultural centers that improve the quality of life in the community.

By delivering consistent messages about our ESG goals, we have already improved our governance. We have enhanced the expertise and transparency of the Board of Directors for our Board-centered management. We also help our subsidiaries to improve governance by operating Board-centered autonomous management. Moving forward, we will identify deficiencies, improve policies and adjust as needed.

Some may doubt our authenticity and persistence, but we will convey our determination by heeding the wisdom of Fan Zhongyan, a literary scholar in the Northern Song Dynasty:

“To worry before the common people worries; To enjoy only after the people can enjoy.”

Just so, SK discovery will embrace our responsibilities and mission while taking the lead in meeting environmental and social challenges. Believing in a better tomorrow, we will be the trusted partner of all who hope for a sustainable future. Sincerely,

Chief Executive Officer SK discovery
Ahn Jae-hyeon