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Our ESG Approach

ESG Vision, Goals and Strategy

SK discovery is a global holding company with highly competitive business subsidiaries in several fields, including eco-friendly materials, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, energy and chemicals, and real estate development. While sharpening subsidiary competitiveness, we are building a foundation for sustainable growth with efficient management based on financial stability.

Company Information

Company Information

OrganizationLanguageSK discovery Co., Ltd.
Company nameEnglishSK discovery Co., Ltd.
Activity and key brands, products and servicesA pure holding company that does not directly engage in business activities but focuses on managing subsidiaries by owning shares and refining its business portfolio.
Headquarters332, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Business regionNot applicable

Business Areas

Business Areas

ESG Values

SK DBL Management

SK aims to achieve sustainable stability and growth by adopting the Double Bottom Line (DBL) principle in its management philosophy. DBL pursues and manages both economic value (EV) and social value (SV), in contrast to the conventional Single Bottom Line principle that pursues only economic value and profits.

Social Value

Social value is the sum of corporate management social performance activities that contribute to resolving social issues.

Social issues are structural problems suffered by many people in society that cannot be resolved by individual efforts alone. Social performances by corporate management activities are classified as “Performance through indirect economic contributions"; " Environmental performance "; and "Social performance."

ESG Management System

SK discovery pursues sustainability in all its businesses. We built an ESG management infrastructure to implement ESG management tailored to individual businesses as we identify issues that need improvement and offer support for execution.

ESG Management Process

ESG Governance

To establish an ESG management system and strengthen its capability to respond to risks, SK discovery appointed a Chief ESG Officer and dedicated staff. As a holding company, we are continuing to lead ESG management activities and working to create social value that results in sustainable growth.

By hosting monthly workshops headed by the Chief ESG Officer and ESG leaders from various sectors, we continuously establish ESG strategies and frameworks, manage risks as well as activities in reviewing and improving goals and performance. The workshops have been held since March 2021.

We report our ESG management plan, key activities and performance to the ESG Committee, which is overseen by the Board of Directors. The ESG Committee deliberates and resolves any outstanding issues.

ESG Framework

자회사/손자회사 ESG 관리

SK디스커버리는 전사 ESG 협의체를 통해 공동 목표 및 과제 설정 후 진행 지원/관리를 통해 자회사 및 손자회사의 ESG 역량 강화에 힘쓰고 있습니다.

2022년 관리 강화 목표

  1. 공통과제 추진
    • 디스커버리 계열 5개사 ESG 홈페이지 구축을 통해 데이터 관리 및 공시 강화
    • SBTi 기준 넷제로 로드맵 수립 및 TCFD 보고서 발간 통해 기후변화 대응체계 구축중점 관리 영역 성과 도출
  2. 중점 관리 영역 성과 도출
    • B·P 리스크 관리/지원 마련 및 운영
    • 생태계 상생모델 구축
    • 고객 제품/안전 관리 고도화
    • 사회공헌 대표 프로그램 개발

목표 달성 진척도 점검 및 성과 측정

  1. 공통과제 : 5개사 워크숍(매월), 실무자 미팅(수시)을 통해 정기적으로 이행 성과 점검, 필요 지원 청취 및 진행
  2. 중점 관리 영역 : 매월 워크숍에서 분기별 실행 성과 점검

ESG Information Disclosure

To make sure stakeholders learn about and share our sustainability status, we disclose the details and achievements of our sustainability activities across economic, social and environmental areas on our website.

Information Disclosure

Those disclosures include domestic and overseas information at business sites of SK discovery and our three subsidiaries, SK Chemicals, SK Gas and SK D&D. SK Chemicals environmental disclosures include information from SK Bioscience, although certain business performance and activities may not be available from some subsidiaries. To reduce confusion, we will provide separate explanations for the scope of disclosures.

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