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Our ESG Approach

ESG Story

It’s time for action

If we don't act now, we will not be able to sustain either the company or society tomorrow. Using ESG management as a foothold, we will set new standards for generating change. We believe ESG management is the smartest way forward to realize our responsibilities and missions.

As a first step, we have been improving our leadership and governance. We have appointed diverse outside directors with expertise and independence while establishing committees within the Board that offer practical roles and authority. Such measures allow us to review and decide key company issues objectively and systematically. We will release outcomes to a variety of stakeholders in a timely and transparent manner. 

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We are changing ourselves to save the planet and people

We are committed to environmental, people-oriented ESG management based on forward-looking governance. Currently, our mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save and recycle water and reduce waste to help the planet and people. At SK discovery, we are working with local governments and relevant companies to build ecosystems that can recycle waste plastic, harness the hydrogen economy to produce, store and distribute clean energy and promote vaccines to protect global health. We are also expanding our renewable energy business as an essential component of greenhouse gas reduction policies.

We will listen to the voices of our stakeholders

We believe we can be happy only when our employees and stakeholders are also happy, including business partners, customers and the larger community. Acting on our beliefs, we look for effective ways to make our stakeholders happy. For example, we established a Happiness Management System that evaluates the growth, satisfaction and safety of every employee. We also built an ecosystem with business partners that encourages win-win growth and we upgraded our security systems in order to protect the health and data of our customers. In addition, we developed and implemented social contribution programs that align with business areas of our subsidiaries.

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We will strive for consistency in decision-making, continuity in action and transparency in information disclosure

We know simply announcing plans is the easy part. Implementation is the challenge. To achieve our goals, we must develop a concrete plan that includes all the necessary details for sound execution. In response, SK discovery is helping its subsidiaries draft master plans that pursue the activities and outcomes we have mentioned. Creating such a master plan that details tasks, schedules, organizations, budgets and more requires collaboration and thoughtful consideration of ESG roles from many offices. Our goal is to turn our commitments into reality by motivating every employee to be better and more inventive.

Looking ahead, SK discovery will actively respond to calls for change in our mission and business practices. Capitalizing on our Double Bottom Line (DBL) initiative, which combines social with economic value, we are building on transparent decision-making to help preserve and restore the environment, as well as to promote the happiness and prosperity of our stakeholders.