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Joyous children of different ages and skin colors run around a metal globe suspended above them.

Employee Happiness

Building on SK Happiness Management, we pursue a virtuous circle that encourages employees to create a happiness all their own. We foster a corporate culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion

In employee recruitment and promotions, we do not discriminate based on gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, place of origin or education. To maintain equal treatment, we set and disclose management indicators, including gender wage ratio, gender ratio by position, turnover rate and percentage of employee contract types. We are improving problems identified by the indicators and promptly respond to any reports of discrimination or unethical acts.

Employees by Gender (Including Concurrent Positions)

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Total employees*Person209287349
  • * Excluding Executive Officers, including Non-executive Officers
  • ** Non-executive Officers

Ratio of Females among Employees

DetailUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Ratio of femaleThe ratio of female to total employees%312021
Ratio of female in management positionsThe ratio of female in management positions (officer + manager)%171114
Ratio of female in management positionsThe ratio of female managers in excluding officers (G3)%291122
Ratio of female in management positionsThe ratio of female officer among all officers%0108

Employees by Age

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Under 30 yearsPerson110
30 - 39 yearsPerson131012
40 - 49 yearsPerson111420
50 years and olderPerson41011

Ratio of Disabled Employees

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Percentage of disabled employee%000

Recruitment and Turnover

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Number of new hiresPerson314072
Number of voluntary resignations*Person200000
Total turnover%707
  • * No retirees from 2020 to 2021 (excluding cases of expired concurrent positions in SK discovery by employees in affiliates)

Ratio by Type of Employment

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Regular employment%767167
Non-regular employment%242933

Ratio of Gender Pay Gap*

Ratio of Gender Pay GapUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Associate, G1, G2%659377
  • * Ratio of female wages to male wages = female monthly salary/male’s monthly salary x 100
  • ** Non-executive Officers excluding Executive Officers and officers with concurrent positions

Regular Evaluation and Feedback

We established a system of fair and reasonable employee evaluation and remuneration. Twice a year, we conduct performance evaluations through the process of self-evaluation and feedback from a supervisory evaluation. We match fair remuneration to the results of the evaluation.

일과 삶의 균형

SK디스커버리는 구성원의 일과 삶의 균형을 위해 근무시간 및 공간의 자율적 활용을 지향합니다. 유연근무를 위한 선택적 근로시간제 및 시차 출퇴근제를 운영하고 있으며, 공동 연차제도 및 하계휴가를 통해 충분한 휴식을 보장합니다. 또한 원거리 모바일 근무센터 운영 등을 통해 일과 삶의 균형을 맞출 수 있도록 지원하고 있습니다.

Diversifying Ways to Work

We want to improve employee work-life balance and offer more flexible working environments. That motivates us to continually push for change by breaking through traditional work practices and the entrenched organizational culture. The first steps are to adopt our mission as “an organization where warm-hearted professionals achieve great performance with total workplace immersion.”

Programs for Diversifying Ways to Work

System/ProgramDetailAvailability for non-regular employees
Staggered commute times Flexible work systemStaggering commute times and offering flextime hours in accordance with the monthly limit gives employees greater control over plans and work hoursYes
Work from home (working outside company offices)We operate a work-from-home system to support everyday needs, such as family crises, childcare or social or health emergencies, such as the spread of infectious diseases.Yes
Mobile officeWe operate a mobile office in Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul that employees can easily access when neededYes

주요 실행 성과

  • 서울 도심 스마트워크센터 개소 및 활용 (’21년)
  • 유연근무제 사용 편의를 위한 근무시간 관리 시스템 개편 적용 (’22년)
  • 구성원 만족도 개선을 위한 행복 Survey 실시(‘22년)
    • Survey 결과에 따라 개선과제 도출하여 구성원 행복에 대한 조직문화 방향 설정

구성원 참여율

Culture Survey미측정62.5%시행 예정

Benefits Program for Employees

We operate a variety of social wellness programs to create a working environment that supports the health, convenience and psychological stability of our employees. Our programs provide equal benefits to regular and non-regular employees without discrimination.

In addition, we offer a defined benefits (DB) pension plan and a fully funded company pension plan managed by an external financial institution to ensure employee retirement benefits.

Benefits Programs

System/ProgramDetailAvailability for non-regular employees
Childbirth, childcare, fertility treatment leaveWe support employees with leaves of absence and/or reduced working hours for pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, in accordance with relevant lawsYes
Support for purchasing eco-friendly agricultural productsWe provide subsidies for employees b to buy healthy and safe eco-friendly foodYes
Support for congratulatory and condolence eventsWe support allowances and leave for employees and their families for congratulatory and condolence eventsYes
복지포인트 지급매년 구성원 대상 복지 포인트를 지급하고 사용 방법을 안내하고 있습니다.제공
통신비 지원매월 청구 할인 방식으로 통신비를 지원하고 있습니다.제공

Ratio of In-House Benefits Programs per User

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Rate of employee use%-74.6873.07

Parental Leave

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Number of employees on parental leavePerson010001
Number of returnees after paternity leavePerson000100
Number of employees who worked at least 12 months after returning to workPerson000000

Retirement Plans

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Defined benefits (DB) retirement fundin KRW hundred millions125.2136.6190.5
Defined benefits (DB) pension fund for subscribed employeesPerson212222

Employee Competence Development

Employee Competence Improvement and Transitions Assistance Program

SK discovery operates several programs to help employees improve intellectual and work competencies. We also offer educational opportunities hosted by outside organizations. We support online and offline learning via mySUNI, the SK Group education system, and provide language courses and job-related training. We aim to nurture talent with a sense of pride, community and expertise.

Direction of our Corporate Culture

Education for Officers and Employees

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
교육비 총액백만 원101153159
1인당 교육비백만 원2.42.93.0
1인당 평균 교육시간시간11.922.030.0

구성원 성장 지원 관리 체계

구성원 성장 정책
  • 기업문화 목표로 구성원 성장 천명
  • HR 2.0 Project 5대 원칙으로 구성원 성장 촉진 실행
공통역량 육성 체계
  • 디스커버리 공통역량체계 확립
  • 공통역량 Develop 프로그램 운영 (mySUNI 과정 curation)
HIPO 육성 체계
  • High Potential 인재 육성 체계 운영
    • FLP(Future Leadership Program)
    • 전략적 Rotation 시스템
리더십 육성 체계
  • 리더십 진단, 기업문화 Survey를 통한 리더 역량 점검 및 피드백 운영
  • 리더 코칭을 통한 리더십 역량 강화

Employee Safety and Health

SK디스커버리는 상시근로자 5명 이상인 기업으로서 2024.1.27부터 중대재해처벌법을 적용받게 됩니다. 이에 사업 전반의 안전·보건 관리를 총괄하는 권한과 책임을 지닌 SHE 총괄을 임명하고 당사 및 산하 자회사에서 발생할 수 있는 중대산업재해와 사고 및 재해 예방을 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 자발적으로 유해·위험요인을 파악하고 이를 예방할 수 있는 안전보건관리체계를 마련, 실행 및 모니터링하고 있으며, 이를 지속적으로 개선하는 활동을 추진할 계획입니다.

안전보건관리체계의 대상은 구성원뿐만 아니라 도급, 용역, 위탁 업무 및 특수형태근로 종사자를 포함하여 계약의 형식에 관계없이 사업의 수행을 위해 대가를 목적으로 노무를 제공하는 종사자까지 모두 포함됩니다.

SHE 총괄조직은 사업회사의 사업장의 안전·보건 사고를 사전에 예방하기 위하여 주체별 SHE 안전·보건 관련 사안에 대한 논의와 협의, 추진 및 검토 등 통합적인 SHE 경영관리체계를 운영하고 있습니다.

SHE 총괄조직 경영관리체계

또한 SK디스커버리의 구성원이 근무하는 ECO Hub 건물은 입주한 멤버사 및 협력사 구성원 대상 비상대응 훈련 계획에 따라 연 1회 정기적으로 훈련을 실시하고 있습니다. ’22년 상반기 실시한 비상대응 훈련에서는 전 구성원 대피 훈련을 통해 비상 상황 시 초기 대응 역량을 점검하고 소화기/응급처치 실습 교육 등을 제공하였습니다.

SK디스커버리는 지주회사로서 사업분야별 환경·안전·보건 강화를 위한 인프라 구축 활동을 진행하므로 아래의 방침·시스템·교육 등에 대한 설명은 SK디스커버리 및 멤버사 내용을 일부 포함하고 있습니다. 활동성과의 경우 SK디스커버리 기준으로 작성되었습니다.

Safety and Health Management Policy

Upgraded SHE missions and goals define principles of conduct, depending on employee position, and establish an employee code of conduct to motivate engagement. We encourage employees to exercise their rights and participate in safety and health activities. We do not penalize employees for exercising those rights by passing on the costs of any relevant measures.

SHE Missions and Goals

SHE Principles of Conduct

Health and Safety Systems

Leading by example, SK discovery established the SHE management system to ensure the safety and health of employees and business partners. We set up a rapid-response process to report accidents and take appropriate action. We also operate several safety and health programs, such as the zero safety accident plan, management for handling workplace chemical materials and health management protocols in cases of employee occupational illness.

Accident Response and Reporting Process

Safety Education Programs

To help our business companies implement site-specific training, we prepared a SK discovery education plan and provided integrated programs for each group.

Safety Education Programs

ProgramContent and Target
Integrated education by level
  • Regular education appropriate to the level of executives, officers and general employees
Education for workplace visitor
  • Integrated online system and visitor education
Legally required training and certification for high-risk personnel
  • Education certification system for high-risk work managers, such as confined space safety assessor, fire marshal and operator of heavy equipment
SHE specialist training course
  • SHE specialist course guide by level (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • Detailed training programs for each business site

Health Services

We operate several programs to ensure the safety and health of our employees.



건강증진 프로그램

건강점진 및 정신건강 진단건강검진 결과 분석을 통해 다수 질환별 고위험군 선별
인플루엔자 접종 지원독감 예방 접종 지원(구성원 본인, 배우자, 자녀)
사내 Fitness Center 운영회사 내 시설 이용 및 Center의 다양한 운동 프로그램 지원
유급휴직 지원장기간 치료를 요하는 개인 질병에 대한 유급휴직 제도 운영
의료비 지원본인 및 가족의 질병 치료를 위한 의료비 지원 제도 운영

Health Checkups

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Checkup beneficiaryChecked-up beneficiaryCheckup beneficiaryChecked-up beneficiaryCheckup beneficiaryChecked-up beneficiary
Comprehensive checkupPerson121119142619

Employee Safety Indicators

We collect, manage and transparently disclose a variety of indicators that track employee safety.

Industrial Accidents

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Lost time incident rate (LTIR) *Regular%000
Number of lost time incidentsRegularNumber000
Total recordable incident rate (TRIR)Regular%000
Fatality rateRegular%000
Number of fatalitiesRegularNumber000
Near-miss frequency rate (NMFR)Regular%000
  • * LTIR: Number of lost time incidents/total working hours x 1,000,000

Occupational Illness

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Occupational illness frequency rate (OIFR)%000
Number of employees with occupational illnessNumber000

Serious Accidents

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Tier 1 process safety event (PSE), loss of primary containment (LOPC) with the greatest consequences%000
Tier 2 PSE, LOPC with lesser consequences%000
Tier 3 PSE, challenges to safety systems%000