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Human Rights Management

Basic Policy on Human Rights Management

SK discovery holding company management actively protects and promotes human rights so the rights and values of our employees and other stakeholders are equally respected. We further work to prevent human rights violations and mitigate any such risks in our business operations.

We comply with international standards and guidelines, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct.

Our Chief Executive Officer has issued the Declaration of Human Rights Management. All of us at SK discovery will further implement the Declaration of Human Rights as guidelines to support value judgments.

Human Rights Management Promotion Activities

SK discovery has established processes to prevent, mitigate and relieve any human rights infringement or violation. Relying on those processes, we support human rights management by defining relevant sectors and operating a system that adheres to our standards and guidelines.

Human Rights Management Sectors, Scope and Process

To support management in accordance with the Practice Guidelines on Business and Human Rights, we established a dedicated office to educate and implement human rights management. We define the responsibilities and remedies while stipulating the office’s composition and authority to protect and promote stakeholder rights, when necessary, through the Human Rights Management Committee.

Human Rights Management Governance

Human Rights Management Roles by Organization

ESG Committee
  • Assesses human rights management risks and reviews violations
Human Rights Management Committee
  • Deliberates on issues of systems, policies and regulations of human rights
  • Assesses human rights risks and recommends countermeasures for best outcomes
  • Directs investigations into potential human rights violations and considers relief measures
  • Any other matters needed to protect human rights
Legal Office
  • Receives grievances
  • Any other matters needed to protect human rights
Corporate Culture Office
  • Develops and implements education programs
ESG Office
  • Adopts and amends the Declaration of Human Rights Management
  • Prepares human rights management action plans
  • Mitigates human rights risks and provides remedies in response to grievances
  • Manages disclosures to the public

Basic Human Rights and Employee Rights

SK discovery complies with all relevant laws and international principles, including the Korean Labor Standards Act and the conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization. We prohibit child labor, forced labor and discrimination. We respect freedom of association and collective bargaining. We are encouraging management-labor harmony, improving corporate efficiency and recognizing employee grievances with online and offline communications channels, such as D-Day, and with small group employee social programs.

Communications Channels to Manage Grievances and Relief Measures

We operate always-accessible communications channels for stakeholders and employees. Our reporting system includes an anonymous function to protect reporters and whistleblowers from any harm.

When we receive a report, we look into effective relief measures with the support of the Legal Office. If the report establishes any significant impact on an individual’s rights or dignity, the Human Rights Management Committee will discuss relief measures.

Human Rights Reporting Channels

Human Rights Impact Assessment and Monitoring

Starting in the first half of 2023, we will regularly evaluate whether any human rights issues surface using qualitative and quantitative indicators. In addition to an annual survey, we provide education and public relations programs about our accessible reporting channels.

In addition, we operate educational programs about human rights to foster human rights awareness among our employees. Our companywide educational program for all employees includes definitions and legal cases about a range of human rights issues, grievance reporting procedures and victim protection measures.

Human Rights Education

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