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Joyous children of different ages and skin colors run around a metal globe suspended above them.

Social Impact Story

At SK discovery, we believe in extending our values of diversity, equity and inclusion across all management activities to a wide range of stakeholders and future generations. Committed to social responsibilities, we respect the rights of stakeholders as we comply with established codes of conduct and all relevant laws and regulations. We define key stakeholders as employees, business partners, customers and communities. We generate specific responsibilities and approaches to serve each group.

Major Responsibilities, per Stakeholder

To protect our stakeholders’ rights, we observe domestic and international laws as well as global policies and standards to strengthen our social responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities in the Social Sector

  1. Establishing a human rights management system
  2. Improving the health and safety of employees, including at partner companies
  3. Boosting a positive corporate culture and Happiness Management for employees
  4. Supporting ESG risk management of business partners
  5. Developing win-win management models
  6. Ensuring product and service safety and customer satisfaction
  7. Engaging in social contribution activities

Appropriate supervisory offices manage communications about the policies, strategies and objectives of our business to stakeholders. Our ESG Office and Chief ESG Officer oversee performance indicator plans, evaluate performance and then disclose outcomes to the public. Those reports are also reviewed by senior management and the ESG Committee.