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Product/Service Responsibilities

SK discovery is committed to customer satisfaction management as we improve safety and satisfaction across our products and services. We operate a systematic process to identify customer needs by listening to their diverse opinions and acting to quickly resolve customer complaints with active communications.

Main Activities for Fulfilling Product and Services Responsibilities
  • Securing chemicals management and customer safety: sound management of chemicals across comprehensive processes, from purchasing to production (including R&D) and manufacture to sales
  • Achieving the goal of zero consumer accidents: regular inspection and diagnosis of customer SHE management; systematic inspection to ensure safe use of LPG; and building an autonomous safety management system and operating a safety inspection team
  • Operating a customer service office and managing serious adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals

Privacy and Information Security

SK discovery works to prevent any leak of corporate information and to ensure that employees’ valuable information assets are safely protected and managed. We are developing policies to create a response system that protects company information assets. To enhance the security awareness of our employees, we regularly conduct security checks and drills about personal information. We also strengthened the security review process when introducing new solutions. We are forming a sustainable and safe work system with regular reviews for vulnerabilities.

SK discovery Information Security Principles
  • The Company shall protect the information assets of companies, employees, customers and business partners acquired/produced during its business activities from unlawful access and leakage attempts.
  • The Company shall maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.
  • The Company shall comply with legal security requirements concerning information protection.
  • All employees of the Company must be aware of the importance of information protection and be able to adequately prevent, detect and respond to incidents, and the Company shall provide necessary education and support.
  • The Company shall periodically conduct risk analysis, inspections and audits concerning information protection.

Currently, we have no record of any breaches of information security. We intend to maintain the goal of zero incidents as we replace legacy systems with additional security measures, such as strengthening the system firewall, monitoring the number of security cases and rationales, and implementing periodic security checks. In addition, we are reviewing whether to acquire external certifications for information protection.

1. Confidentiality and Prevention of Freedom Infringement through Privacy Protection

We believe it is a fundamental right by law to protect private information collected during management activities from being leaked internally or externally, including information from employees, business partners and customers. We appointed a companywide Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to underscore our commitment. We make sure any individuals who handle personal information throughout the company and its subsidiaries understand the importance of protecting personal information.

Appointment of Personal Information Protection Officer

RoleOfficer in charge
Chief Information Security OfficerDirector of Management Support Office
Head of office / Shared serviceManagement Support Office project leader / SK Chemicals IT specialist

We acquire only the minimum amount of information necessary for management with procedures that require consent to data collection and how the data will be used. In cases using personal information, we make every effort to ensure that personal information is not misused or abused in unethical activities. We review whether the information is used, disclosed or shared in any way besides its stated purpose or scope.

2. Commitment to Information Security

We ensure effective information security by establishing a management inspection system that includes: Risk response measures to prevent leakage, loss or theft of collected data from employees, business partners or customers; and response procedures in case of such emergencies as hacking, disasters and accidents.

To oversee information security management, we appointed an IT specialist as an officer in charge of the SK discovery Lab while also hiring information security experts.

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Violations of Privacy Regulations

UnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Number of corporate data and personal information breachesNumber000
Number of corporate data and personal information lossesNumber000