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Win-Win Management

SK discovery aims to achieve fair and sustainable win-win management based on trust and communications with key stakeholders.

We focus on improving and supporting ESG risk and performance management capabilities of our key partners. We plan to operate win-win growth programs while strengthening the ESG ecosystems of our supply chains.

As part of our social contributions, we provide solutions to social problems using our core business capabilities. Focusing on communities in which our businesses are located, we work to resolve social challenges and to develop infrastructure by implementing beneficial programs.

Management and Support for Business Partners

We are committed to improving the ESG management of business partners. We select key partners with a comprehensive evaluation of their strategic importance, transaction size, ESG risk exposure and more. We then support our partners with programs focused on assessing ESG risks and improving ESG management.

Creating a Win-Win Ecosystem

We are developing new business models that focus on nature and people. We want to create a business ecosystem that accounts for the characteristics of each business sector and its key stakeholders, thereby creating sustainable economic and social value.

Social Contributions Policy

We develop and operate a variety of programs and activities designed to address social problems. Our programs reflect the strong points and characteristics of our businesses. To improve a program’s effectiveness, we promote joint social contribution activities with our subsidiaries. To strengthen our impact and grow our programs, we are budgeting 3% of our anticipated target pre-tax profits. Our programs fall into the categories of Green, Health and Vulnerable Groups.

Our Social Contributions Themes

Public Policy Engagement

We participate in public policy formation while maintaining political neutrality. We do not make direct contributions to political campaigns, organizations or candidates, nor to any lobbyists, interest groups or similar organizations.

Expenditures for Public Policy Participation

UnitFY 2019 FY 2020FY 2021
Lobbyists, interest groups or similar organizationsin KRW million000
Local, national and international political campaigns, organizations and candidatesin KRW million000
Trade associations or other tax-free organizationsin KRW million000
Governmentin KRW million000
Nonprofit foundationsin KRW million000